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Greenwheels is the leading carsharing provider in the Netherlands. After 20 years of existence we completely overhauled the user experience on all touchpoints. The result was a modern brand and a seemless user experience for reserving cars & managing your account.

Giving the users what they actually need.

Our research showed that the vast majority of users use only one car. This became the main insight then designing the app. So instead of throwing the user into a map full pins like competitors we used frequency of use and location to determine what cars to present them with.

Sign up, three days to three minutes

By streamlining and modernizing the sign up process using scanning of user documents, connecting APIs we managed to shorten the time for signup from 3 days to 3 minutes

Pushing the client over the edge

While doing user testing and research we identified that Greenwheels had fallen behind compeitors by not offering free subscriptions and was therefore perceived as expensive. We pushed the client to restructure the pricing in order to reach a younger audice they lost.

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Creative director
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